Rental, Calibration & Servicing of Gas Detectors

Our experienced personnel understand the risks and are keen on practicing zero tolerance towards complacency in customizing world-class safety protection solutions for operators as well as emphasizing continuous awareness training with a hands-on approach.

Goal: Zero Incidents While Staying Within Planned Time And Budget

We provide a complete safety detection, protection, and consultation against H2S exposure with:

  • Rental of gas detection and monitoring systems (fixed and mobile units) for H2S toxic gas, combustible gases, and harmful environmental emission gasses during drilling, coring, well-testing and other critical or non-critical operations where gas exposure is expected; and support of all shutdown and daily operation processes with safety equipment and on-site material management (Turnaround, Shutdown & Maintenance Work)
  • Rental of comprehensive, well-maintained Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) and systems from premier safety equipment manufacturers:-
    • Rescue Unit (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, SCBA)
    • Emergency Escape Set (Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, EEBA)
    • Supplied Air Work Line Unit (Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus, SABA)